DELTA North Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Hon. Moses Iduh, yesterday said the party will not hesitate to wield its big stick against any party member involved in campaign of calumny in the course of consultations.
Iduh, who gave the warning in a chat with The Pointer, admonished every aspirant of the PDP to go about their consultations peacefully without fear, rancour or any form of hate speech against other aspirants.
He noted that the party remained one big family, and ‘everyone who has the intention to aspire to any position should do so, respectfully, honourably and peacefully’, saying that at the end of the day, whoever emerges candidate from the primaries would need the support of every member of the party at the general polls.
The chairman averred that the campaign and support would become easier if the aspirant that emerges as candidate from party primaries has not engaged in any form of campaign of calumny, insulted or pulled down other aspirants in the course of consultations or campaigning. “Everyone ought to know by now, that it is only God that gives power”, he stated.
He called on leaders in the various Wards and Local Government Areas to guide all the spirants, counsel and admonish them on ways to conduct themselves rather than call up many persons to join in context that is a slot for pecuniary gains, adding that the party cannot afford to go into crisis of any kind anymore.



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