That the Delta State APC is in a state of quagmire, apparently due to selfish/personal interest or a function of unhealthy internal scheming is no longer News to Deltans. How on earth could political watchers describe the swearing in of two State Party Chairmen, one by the immediate past national chairman and the other by the incumbent chairman?

When the incumbent chairman, H.E. Comrade Adams Oshiomhole, began citing Delta State as his priority State to be conquered, even before he was (s)elected national chairman, I perceived that some underhand dealings were in the offing. He had vowed to relocate to Delta State in his inordinate desire to unseat the SMART Governor, H.E. Sen. Dr. Ifeanyi Okowa.

Watching the inauguration of Prophet Jones Erue’s faction on National Television some days ago as the authentic State Executive, my hands were at akimbo, pondering over the extent to which authorities could brazenly defy acceptable standards just to satisfy personal wishes. I thought the party had agreed that only the election supervised by national officials, sent for such assignment would be recognized.

For how long shall we continue to suffer this shame with the appellation of our dear state, tied to the party’s unprofessional demeanour? The other day, during the APC National convention at Abuja, we saw our beloved supposed professional young men and women throwing plastic seats and jabs at one another, while the president was presenting his speech.

It was all over the News that while the authentic executive and delegates of Delta State APC went for lunch, the factional leadership mobilized her members to occupy their space. On return, the ‘authentic’ leadership, threw caution to the air and began fighting publicly with their colleagues, like Primary School Children. Oh! loss of sense of maturity?

Surprisingly, few days after assumption of office, in a swift twist that could best be described by the action of Sylvester Stallone, during his hey days, when he acted ‘Rambo’, the national chairman, known for his loquacious tendencies, turned the table around, calling everything done previously, balderdash.

The hunter has suddenly become the hunted. The supposed authentic executive though recognized by the outgone chairman, have now started putting pen to paper and running helter-skelter with a view to redeeming their mandate. What an unquantifiable show of shame? Is this how Delta State will be taken over and administered by APC?

Certain factors, I guess, could have informed the approach adopted by the Comrade Governor in taking a decision on which faction should lead the party. No matter what anyone surmises, the underlying fact for this ‘leadership by confusion’ is not far from personal interest and patronage of some sort.

The national chairman had vowed to relocate to Delta to achieve his unrealistic dreams of taking over the State in 2019. As such, he must have concluded that his best bet would be to support the Chief Great Ogboru’s faction that is bent on projecting the Chief as the APC candidate for 2019 elections. This is in total disregard for rotational leadership which he had championed all along as a Governor.

That he is the national chairman of the APC today is largely due to the fact that the APC had zoned that position to the South-South. Would I be wrong to now describe him as a leader who actually lacks integrity but would only champion a course when it favours him? Should our generation look up to such ‘leaders’ as determinants of exemplary leadership? Never! An obviously selfish leader will hardly be objective.

Perhaps this decision to superimpose his preferred leadership on a previously recognized leadership by his predecessor may be a function of political patronage.

One may not be in a position to rightly tell of any previous role played by Chief, to advance the course of the national chairman, either when he was a labour leader or as a Governor. Comrade Oshiomhole may just see this opportunity as a time to show gratification. Dear Deltans, anyhow we tend to look at it, Selfishness remains a key word in this shenanigan approach to leadership as demonstrated by the national chairman of APC.

Y.E. Comrade Adams Aliyu Oshiomole, kindly be reminded that Governor Okowa is a household name in Delta State. In case, you are been fed with a wrong notion about his followership in the State, let it be made known to you that such wrong report is simply the handiwork of a handful of your party men and especially those who were in PDP and out of annoyance, hatred and Pull Him Down Syndrome have vowed to run down the government of H.E. Sen. Ifeanyi Okowa. His developmental insignia is obvious in all LGAs in the State and most of the communities.

This attempt by you, comrade Governor, to play the card of ethnicity in currying votes for your serial contestant would become your Achilles heel. Objective Deltans, who actually are in the majority, await you with their PVC on your quest to unseat a Governor whose activities in all sectors of our economy cut across the senatorial districts.

After all this political game of yours, Y.E. Comrade Adams Oshiomhole, the people’s choice-H.E. Sen. Dr. Ifeanyi Okowa would laugh last. We will surely return him as our governor in 2019.



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